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Criminal Cases

Dr. Gerard is an experienced expert in criminal cases and forensics. He is a member of the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) forensic medicine section and has been an expert on cases of sexual assault, alleged strangulation and a variety of other injuries. He conducts reviews for public defenders, private criminal defense attorneys, and prosecutors.

For many criminal defense cases, Dr. Gerard is the appropriate expert since alleged victims of assault and injury are often treated in the Emergency Department. Dr. Gerard has expertise in reviewing these cases and is actively involved in leadership with forensic nurses. He often reviews cases involving SAFE and SANE nursing assessments.

Dr. Gerard is able to review most cases. When he feels another subspecialist is needed, he can help find these experts.

He has reviewed forensic cases involving a wide variety of criminal issues, including aggravated assault, assault/battery, child abuse, child neglect, domestic violence, drug trafficking/distribution, DUI/DWI. reckless driving, homicide/murder, sexual assault, rape, gunshot injuries, etc.

Please call for a CV or to discuss your client's case.